Trouble Focusing?

Do you find it hard to focus? Sometimes getting through the day can be difficult. You may find it hard to stay focus or concentrated on what you are doing. This is common for most people. Many go for the energy drinks or the caffeinated beverages to get a boost of energy. The problem is these are very short term and won’t keep you energized for long. You need something that will give you lasting energy all day long. You can get that something at

Yeast Infection Discharge

One of the first indications that you have a vaginal yeast infection is clumpy discharge. This should sound the alarm that something is not quite right down there. Yeast infections can also be called monilia infections. This is when a large amount of yeast is present inside of the vagina. This is typically caused by an unwanted shift in vagina pH balance. These infections can be transmitted via sex, however women do not have to be sexually active to get them.

Hives: The Common Condition

We are writing this article about hives in relation to another really great article called ‘histamine is ruining my life‘. Hives affect about twenty-fiver percent of people at least once in their lifetime. For many this can be a reoccurring condition. They are typically harmless when they breakout on the skin. Only in severe cases can they be life-threatening. This is typically seen when a serious allergic reaction happens. The medical name for this skin condition is urticaria.


Neurodermatitis, also referred to medically as lichen simplex chronicus, is a type of skin infection. This is somewhat similar to that of atopic dermatitis. This can create itchy skin that becomes inflamed and scaly over time. Scratching can make this condition worse, so avoid doing that. These patches tend to appear on the back of the hands, feet, ankles, wrists, scalp, nape of the neck, and the shoulders. This can develop pretty much anywhere on the body. Those are just the most common places for it to develop. You will notice thick and scaly skin in these areas.

Why Do I Have This Phobia?

Phobias develop due to a number of reasons. Each person’s reason seems to vary greatly from the next. This is because the causes are very unique to the experiences you have in your own life. Each person’s life experiences are different than the next. It’s important to note that during childhood is when most people’s phobias develop.

Distressful events that involve the object of what these people fear now is the most likely reason. For example, you were in a car accident when you were a kid. Now you find that you fear driving. This is a chain reaction from a bad event happening and your subconscious mind connecting danger to the act of driving.

Anxiety Problems At Night

When someone is going through an anxiety disorder they tend to experience worse symptoms in the evening hours. If you ask anyone with anxiety disorder they will most likely tell you that nocturnal panic attacks are one of the worse things they have to deal with. These attacks don’t physical harm the individual, rather they create immense anxiety that can make the sufferer feel emotionally that they have lost total control over their body and it’s reactions. These nighttime panic attacks happen for about ten minutes before the person is able to regain control of their body. This can be an extremely terrifying event.

What Are The Causes Of Stretch Marks?

So you have those stretch marks on your skin and you are wondering how they got there in the first place. Or you have seen others with them and you are worried you may get them. You want to know why they develop and how to avoid ever getting them. Well we are going to take a look at some of the most common causes of stretch marks. Let’s get started.

Genetics – This applies a great deal to women. If your mother experienced stretch marks, you are at a higher risk for developing them, especially during pregnancy.

Puberty – As puberty hits for both guys and girls things can grow faster than the skin can. These areas include breasts, stomach, and generally growing taller. These marks will appear on the lower back, breasts, and stomach area.

Bodybuilding – As you are rapidly developing muscle mass it can cause the skin to stretch out beyond it’s limits resulting in this skin scarring problem.

Corticosteroids – These decrease the amount of collagen produced inside of the body. The collagen is the main substance your body needs to allow skin to grow and be elastic. When you decrease the production of collagen you increase your chance for developing stretch marks.

Skin Tone – For those with darker skin it’s harder to see stretch marks when they develop. They are more common to see in people with a lighter skin tone.

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Do I Have A Vaginal Yeast Infection?

One of the most common self-diagnosed mistakes is a yeast infection. Those who believe they have one should take a look at this quick list below to make sure that is what you have. If this is your first time it is also recommended that you speak to your doctor to confirm.

Itching- This is one of the most commonly reported symptom of a vaginal yeast infection. The itchy can be so severe that you scratch yourself until raw sores develop.

Vaginal Discharge – This is typically thick, white, and looks almost like ‘cottage cheese’. It’s important to note that not everyone who has a vaginal yeast infection will show this symptom. Some may have regular discharge. Others may have different color discharges, such as yellow or green.

Vaginal Burning – This is one of the most irritating symptoms. You will feel a burning sensation when you pee and when you have sex. This is because the labia and surrounding areas of very irritated. They will typically be swollen red and tender to the touch.

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