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Developments In Biotechnology And Ethical

Use of stem cells

Презентации по биологии
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Cellular technology in human service.

Two major ethical issues can be identified: the consistency of stem cell research with what is considered acceptable and ethical with respect to natural reproduction, and coherence with attitudes and moral convictions regarding abortion and artificial reproduction. Ethical principle - "principle to avoid unnecessary waste" suggests that it's right to benefit people, and it's wrong to hurt them. The postulate is fully concerned with the use of embryos in stem cell research.

John Harris, in his article on barrel cells and reproduction, is defending the ethical principle that natural science is not related to morality. Natural processes cannot be fully transferred to human society with its moral principles. Therefore, embryos produced only to be naturally moderate can be justified by death. If, in nature, all processes are naturally occurring, not contrary to its laws, then in similar circumstances, it is morally acceptable to allow the same result for a deliberately created person. Then it is possible to accept the victim of the embryos in natural reproduction in order to achieve the result of the continuation of the life of another. According to the scientist, society estimates some moral costs and benefits. If this is done in the case of natural reproduction, then for the same reasons, this should be done in the case of the embryo victim in the stem cell research.

There are, however, extreme views: that the treatment of embryonic stem cells is morally humane and, from mystical, occultism of clean water.

Church view

There are prohibitions against churches based on:

  1. The introduction of a somatic cell nucleus into a nucleusless egg, i.e. cloning is a "self-voluntary creation of life" and
  2. The destruction of a five-day flower blastists is the murder of a living creature,

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