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Developments Of Biotechnology In Agriculture

биотехнологии - necessity or undue risk. No secret to anyone, Agricultureone of the most important branches of the economy of any State. It is precisely the ability of the population to provide food that often depends on the sovereign and stable development of the country as a whole. The biological solutions developed with stringent environmental requirements have a significant impact on the industry from feeding to finishing.

Russia is a country with unique capabilities.биотехнологии для растениеводства In addition to oil and gas, our country has a vast area of fertile land and freshwater, which makes it possible, as soon as possible, to become the largest producer and exporter of natural and food. At the same time, it is worth noting the increasing pressure on Agricultural Producers - This is also an increase in tax remittances, and an ever-increasing tariff on electricity, gas and water, and increased demands on the part of Rosselhzor and much other. Biopreparates for agriculture are a new and very promising path!
The use of the biotechnological approaches that we recommend solves the mass of problems: increased efficiency, avoided fines, and raised a truly healthy green product.
We propose a set of biotechnological solutions affecting all aspects of agricultural production, such as:

Biotechnology using special highly productive microorganisms, extracts of active plant components are extremely effective, environmentally sound and, most importantly, can be obtained Clean products food, free of GMO, nitrate, pesticides, herbicides, etc.

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