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Ethical Aspects Of Some Advances In Biotechnology

Human Genome: ethical risks and prospects of biotechnology

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Veretenko Mikhail Yuriević
Graduate Medical University

The author examines the ethical risks of the Genoman Project, notes that for development genetics are closely related to hazards. In the example of the ethical issue of genetics, the risk-taking nature of modern science is concluded.

Keywords: bioethics, genetics, human Genome, biotech outlook, ethical risks

Veretenko Mikhail Urievich
Kursk State Medical University

The author examines the ethical risks of the project Human Genome, notes that the prospects for the development of genetics is closely linked to the dangers. On the example of the ethical issues of genetics concludes riskogennom nature of modern science.

Hand: Ethics

Bibliographical reference to article:
Veretenko M.Y. Genoman: ethical risks and prospects of biotechnology/Humanitarian research. 2013. No. 12 [Electronic Resource]. URL: (date of application:).

The development of genetics and, in particular, the implementation of the " Geno man " project, with five per cent budgeted for ethical discussions, has created a particular bioethics problem. It examines not only the special trans-discipline format of energies and members of the public, but also the specificity of new scientific research that highlights a set of issues that require socio-humanitarian expertise.

The success achieved by the successful implementation of the Human Genome project has not only given rise to welcome expectations but also to a well-founded, high level of concern for both scientists and the general international community. What are the concerns expressed about the importance of genetic achievements in human genome research, what ethical considerations are expressed against artificial manipulation with the human genome? What is " human DNA games " , the way to " life ethic " or yet the " devil ' s subtle " and " slow-down " ? [1]

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