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High Level Of Biotechnology

In the global biotechnology sector, the market capitalization of industry companies has continued to grow at a rate of over $1 trillion

Уровень роста до сопротивления

2014 has become a year for the biotechnology sector of new achievements and record-keeping for almost all financial indicators, including profits, profitability and capital flows. High performance, combined with the success of some widely known products in the market, as well as positive developments in the approval of new medicines throughout the year, have resulted in the aggregate market capitalization of the sector ' s companies to a maximum of $1 trillion in history. These and other conclusions are contained in the 29th Annual Report of EY, Beyond Borders: Achieve New Highs, on the biotechnology sector.

  • Net profits increased by 231 per cent, reaching the highest level of $14.9 billion in the history of the sector in 2014
  • R & D expenditure increased by 20 per cent from US and European investments in products under development
  • Companies from the United States and Europe attracted record capital in 2014 - $54,3 billion
  • Another record is in the highly active primary public deposit market (IPO): for the first time, 94 companies from the United States and Europe have stocked stocks.

Glen Giovanetti, head of global EY service delivery to companies in the medical and biological sector, explains: " Current global sector results biotechnology and achievement The high level of maturity of the sector ' s companies is encouraging, hoping that a new phase of innovation in this area in the long term will increase the value of companies themselves, their investors and patients. Investors appreciate the sector ' s prospects by investing record amounts in small market players who can make a breakthrough in the future. "

But success has a few problems. " The unprecedented volume of approved new products has brought unprecedented pressure on prices, said by Glen Giovanetti. - Companies will have to continuously demonstrate the benefits of their products and how they contribute to the sustainable development of health systems. "

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