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New Developments In Biotechnology

Ifbibt - biotechnology for new materials

Library of new materials

Biotechnology is identified as a key priority for the scientific and educational activities of the Siberia Federal University.

Biological technologies provide managed and useful products for various areas of human activity. These technologies are based on the use of catalytic potential of biological agents and systems - microorganisms, viruses, plant and animal cells and tissues, as well as extra-cell substances and cell components.
The development and development of biotechnology is now important in the activities of virtually all countries. Achieving superiority in biotechnology is one of their central concerns in the economic policies of developed countries.

In the Institute of Basic Biology and Biotechnology, to implement the concept of improved education and training of world-level biotechnology professionals, armed with the latest knowledge necessary for the development of high-densed cycling biotechnology, target-product synthesis and waste management, food reproduction, raw materials and energy resources, the development of new environmentally sound biomaterials, tools and technologies for cell and tissue engineering, starting in 2008,

unique pilot bioplastics production - training base for biotechnologists in CFCs

A man has used biotechnology for thousands of years: people have been brewing, baking bread, receiving oxymol products, using fermentation for medicinals and waste treatment. But only the latest techniques of biotechnology, including Genetic engineering techniquesbased on recombinant DNA, led to a " biotech boom " that we are now witnessing. New genetic engineering technologies have significantly improved traditional biotechnological processes, as well as innovative, previously inaccessible, diverse valuable products.

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