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Recent Developments In Biotechnology

New developments in agricultural biotechnology have been presented by Russian scientists in Irnito

Advances in biotechnologies in agriculture, veterinary, agro-industry and the environment were presented by scientists in the framework of the All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference on the Foundational and Applied Aspects of Biotechnology. We will recall that the event is taking place in IRNITU from 25 to 27 June.
Head of Food and Chemistry Technology IRNITU Vasily Verhotura Noted that in recent years Russian scientists have developed a number of promising developments in agricultural, veterinary, environmental biotechnology, bioconversion and bioenergy. The results of the studies are being actively incorporated into industrial production and are a powerful tool for economic development.
Besides, B. The Verhotura stressed that a contract had been concluded between IRNITU and SIFIB SO RAN six months ago to establish a basic café.Biotechnology" . It was organized on the basis of SIFIB SO RAN and was part of the Institute of Food Engineering and Biotechnology of IRNITU: " Our Masters and Postgraduates use the library, laboratory base of CIFBI SO RAN. Many of the cafeteria staff are graduates of our university. There is now an opportunity to present its findings at the conference, to share valuable experiences.”

Research on the storage and vegetation of potatoes in Eastern Siberia was presented by the researcher of the SIFBI Vegetation Laboratory, RAN, Alumni of the Cybernetic Institute, IRNITU Alla Perfilyev. In the context of global warming in Siberia, she said that the threat of potato contamination by ring rot (Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. sepedonicum (Cms) was increasing. The rotation was visible on the tuber cut in the form of circular brown strips. They are gradually growing and destroying potatoes from within, resulting in a loss of up to 30 per cent of crops. There's still no effective way to fight the bacteria.

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