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Solutions And Biotechnology

Selective achievement of fgb

As a result of many years of selective work with commercially valuable tombs, FGBO members of the All-Russian Forest Genetic Research Institute, and biotechnology, new highly productive varieties have been removed.

Patents and copying certificates are registered in the Russian State Register of Protected Securities in Step Lada, Voluga, Bolid. The work was carried out under the leadership of a well-deserved Carelia Forest, a well-deserved RF, an RAEN Academy, a Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor Anatoly Petrovich Tsarev.

Gybried Top Lada from the crossroads of T., a deltovisible temple of Pyramid-Social Kamishinsky. 26 years old. At that age, 23, 0 m, 43, 0 cm diameter, Volume 1, 5 m3. The Voronian region, the Semilyuk Forester. Hybrid No. 1. Photo A. P. Tsarova.

The " Step Lada " Class has rapid growth and high winter resistance under the conditions of Central Blackland. It is designed to create plantation, protection and other forest-based habitats. Due to rapid growth and high winter resistance, the plantation type, including the production of renewable energy resources, is effective. The use of the class in the field allows for a reduction in the maturity of the class.

The " Step Lada " is recommended for the Voronez, Belgorod, Kourski, Lipetekka, Tambovski, Volgograd, Saratovskaya, Astrachan oblasts in the timber and step zones.

Topole Veduga (birid between white topole from Voronage and Bolle from Astrahani). At the age of 26, the tree reached 22, 7 m in height, 36, 9 cm in diameter, 1 m3. Collect hybrids No. 1 in the Semilluc Forest Pytomy of the Voronez region. Photo A. P. Careva.

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