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Technological Advances In Medicine

A new generation medicine on the way to the clinics

Advanced researchers, advanced technologies, public development programmes and other measures that will help to improve the quality and accessibility of health services in a crucial way, the experts discussed at the Biotechnology Conference.


The future of medicine is biotechnology. Building on the achievement of basic and applied research, they combine modern genetic, regenerative, cognitive, computer, robotic and other technologies embodied in new medicines and medical devices that give doctors such opportunities, which were only dreamable yesterday.

According to the Ministry of Health, the introduction of new biomedical technologies will reduce the mortality rate from cardiovascular diseases by more than 20 per cent, reduce malignant neoplasms by 30 per cent and HIV infections by 40 per cent. As a result, the transition to new high-technology medicine is expected to increase life expectancy by 25 to 30 years.

Contemporary breakthrough biotechnology does not simply treat diseases that have previously been impossible to access, they change the very philosophy of medicine. As explained by the Head of the Ministry of Health, Veronica Skvortsov, " through the introduction of modern biomedical technologies, it is possible to move from standardized treatment of individual diseases to the principles of individual medicine " . In other words, an ancient wiser understood that he needed to be treated instead of sickness. But the true medical practice of this preacher is only now, thanks to new biomedicine technologies.

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