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Using The Advances Of Biotechnology, People Can Receive Nitrogen

23 Направления биотехнологии

Main areas of biotechnology. ♪ This is the production of human products and materials by means of living organisms, cultivated cells and biological processes.

The potential of biotechnology is unusually great because its methods are more profitable than conventional ones: they are used under optimal conditions (temperature and pressure), more productive, environmentally sound and do not require chemical reagents that poison the environment, etc.

Biotechnology Numerous representatives of living organisms - microorganisms (viruses, bacteria, protists, twins, etc.), plants, animals, and isolated cells and sub-cell structures (orga-nella). Biotechnology is based on existing physiological-biochemical processes that result in energy, synthesis and fragmentation of metabolism products, chemical and structural cell components.

Main areas of biotechnology (i) Production by microorganisms and cultivated euca-ritic cells of biologically active compounds (ferments, vitamins, hormonal preparations), pharmaceuticals (antibiotics, vaccines, serums, high-performance antibodies and other), and proteins, amino acids used as feed additives; 2) use of biological treatments against contamination

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