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Academy Of Applied Biotechnology

Aleksandrovn, head of department

В Республике Башкортостан

Ludmila Alexandrovna - Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Chair of Applied Biotechnology, International Scientific Centre, Third Millennium Biotechnology, Dissert Board member 212.227.09, member of the Committee on Quality of Education, Academy of the International Academy of the Holocaust.

In 1971, the Leningrad Institute of Refrigeration Technology (LTIC) graduated from the technology faculty of milk and dairy products. Since 1980, he has been working at the Chair of milk and dairy technology in the posts of assistant, dozen, 1994-present in the post of Chief. In 1978, she defended the candidate, in 2000 the doctor's dissertation. In 1991, a student was awarded a dozenship, in 2001 a professor. Conducts 11 engineering training courses on milk and dairy technology and dairy productsFood biotechnologyas well as bachelors and masters on food technology. Leads the scientific direction of the " Theoretical and Scientific and Practical Framework for Biotechnology of Polycomponent Products for Nutrition of Various Socio-Age Groups " . The author and co-author of more than 250 scientific and educational and methodological work, including 3 monographs, a textbook on child food technology, about 10 teaching aids, 9 copy certificates and patents. Ten candidates for technical sciences have been trained.

The Honorary Literacy of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, the " Memorial to the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg " , has the title " Worker of the High School of the Russian Federation " .

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