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Altai Centre For Applied Biotechnology


Address: 656049, Mr. Barnaul, D. Lenin, 61 Durkin Dmitri Aleksevic, candidate for biological sciences, gradient of the cafeteria, biochemistry and biotechnology.

Organized at the Altai State University, with the participation of the Institute of Chemical Biology and Basic Medicine of the RAN, within the framework of the existing Agreement on Cooperation between UR and AltGU of 13 October 2012, and taking into account the existing Cooperation Agreement between the Altai Administration and the Sibir branch of the RAN of 5 August 2009.

Objective Altai Centre biotechnology applications Increasing the effectiveness of biotechnology research, accelerating the development of scientific research in the real economy to intensify the innovative development of the socio-economic sphere of Siberia and Russia, and making better use of scientific material and financial resources.

The Centre is organized on the basis of two laboratories (bio-engineering laboratory, microclonal multiplication laboratory and plant hystaology)

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