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Applied Biotechnology

Microbial biotechnology: basic and applied

Центр «Новая химия и

Honourable colleagues!
We invite you to participate in the IX International Scientific Conference on " Small biotechnology: fundamental and applied aspects " ,
on the 50-year anniversary of the Institute of Microbiology (National Institute of Statistics) of Belarus.

The conference will provide information on emerging advances in microbiology and biotechnology, current trends and approaches to biopreparates for agriculture, food, medicine, environmental protection, and the prospects for biotechnological development as a basis for the country ' s scientific and technological progress and innovative development.
The Conference will be held in plenary and sectional meetings, where oral reports and verbatim presentations are planned. The organization reserves the right not to include in the conference programme reports that are not relevant to the subject of the conference, to determine the nature of the report (oral or staircase).
The reports will be published in the electronic collection of conference materials and posted on the website of the Institute of Microbiology of NAM Belarus. Plenary and oral joint reports, as decided by the Office, will be published in a revised annual compendium of scientific work to be published by the Conference. The organization reserves the right not to consider the references to reports and articles that do not correspond to the subject of the conference and to the requirements of drafting or the time-limits that have been granted.
The conference will include a round table on the implementation of the EurAsEC Inter-State Target Programme and a meeting of the Eastern Regional Section of the International Organization for the Biological Control of Harmful Animals and Vegetables.
The conference provides for exhibitions of domestic and foreign biotechnology enterprises, equipment suppliers and...

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