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Gna Of Applied Microbiology And Biotechnology

Commissions of concern

По традиции, коллектив ГНЦ


The Coordinating Scientific Council for the Health and Epidemiological Protection of the Territory of the Russian Federation is composed of five problem commissions. Their work is carried out in accordance with the Regulations on the Coordinating Scientific Council of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences and the Regulations of the Federal Service for the Supervision of Consumer and Human Welfare and the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, No. 609/48.
The panels include the chairperson, vice-chairperson, scholar, and commissioners of leading scholars on the issue from institutions of scientific development on the protection of the Territory.
Functions and functions of the problem commissions:
♪ Work in accordance with the plan and tasks of the CNS Bureau;
♪ A case-by-case analysis modern status Research and development trends in the country and abroad;
♪ Develops long-term research forecasts and sets out the main directions for their development on the issue for five years, adjusts them annually;
♪ Provides annual analytical reports on the IND results on the relevant scientific issue and provides them to the Bureau of the CNS;
♪ Conducts, as appropriate, expert reviews of the planned and reporting materials of INU RAN, Rotterdam and other interested ministries and departments;
♪ Reviews the topics of the PhD on the PK profile;
♪ Report annually on its work to the CNS Bureau;
♪ Coordinates the substantive work with the PK of other KNUs;
♪ Participates in the organization and conduct of scientific conferences, conferences and symposia on the profile of work.

List of panels and their main activities

PK 48.01 - Epidemiological surveillance of particularly dangerous infectious diseases
The basic institution is the Russian Research Institute for Mikrob.

1. ChairmanToporkov Vladimir Petrovic

- Head of the Department of Epidemiology of FKUZ " Russian Research Anti-Combat Institute " , Roscondsor, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor
2. Vice-Chairman: Karnauhov Igor Gennadevich - Chief of the Sanitary Protection Laboratory and the CS of the epidemiology department of the FKUZ, Russian Research Institute of the " Mikrob " Rosbandsor, medical candidate. ♪ ♪

The main activities of the problem commission are:
♪ Examine mechanisms that cause outbreak and sporadic morbidity, causes of importation and spread of particularly dangerous infectious diseases, sanitary goods and goods. Study of the endemicity and nature of infectious diseases. Projection and simulation of epidemic and epiotic manifestations.
♪ Analysis and improvement of forms and methods of inter-agency scientific, methodological, information and training in the area of sanitation.
♪ Improving the strategy and tactics for the prevention and elimination of epidemics of the most dangerous and socially significant infectious diseases.
♪ Develop and improve the strategy and tactics for the non-special prevention of particularly dangerous infectious diseases
♪ Development of basic elements and epidemiological zoning of the territory of the Russian Federation in terms of external and internal threats to biological (chemical) security as a basis for improving organizational, methodological, executive and control forms of management decision-making at the intra-sector and inter-ministerial level
♪ Scientific follow-up to the implementation of the WHO strategy for the implementation of the International Health Regulations (2005) until 2013 and the decisions of the Saint Petersburg G-8 Summit (2006) in the area of infectious diseases. Improved monitoring and monitoring of public health and epidemiological well-being emergencies, its organizational, epidemiological diagnostic, methodological, executive and monitoring functions through modernization technologies and optimization of intra-sector and inter-agency interaction.
♪ Development of a technology for prevention and rapid response to public health emergencies of international importance, with the use of modernized Russian specialized anti-epidemic brigades (SMEs).

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