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Moscow Institute Of Applied Biotechnology

Moscow State University of Applied Biotechnology

Прикладной Биотехнологии

The Moscow State University of Applied Biotechnology was established in 1930 as the Party Chemical and Technology Institute of the Meat Industry.

Today, educational and research processes are being carried out through the major scientific and production centres of the city of Moscow and their own laboratories equipped with modern equipment. In 14 faculties 40 Twelve valid members and correspondents of RASHN, more than 100 professors, doctors of sciences and more than 250 dockets, candidates of science, including 14 laureates of the State Prizes and Government of the Russian Federation Awards.

More than 5,000 students, masters, postgraduates and doctorates, as well as more 400 Foreign nationals from 16 countries. Every year, students receive scholarships from the President and the Government of the Russian Federation.

The student town of IHB consists of four well-established dormitories to provide housing for all other students. The hostels are equipped with gymnasiums, table tennis, library and computer classes, and a single computer network has been established with Internet access. In the student town, there are sanatorium prophylaxis, an immunoprophylactic health centre, a health centre, a café.

The Centre for the Promotion of Student Employment and Alumni Employment is working at the university. ICAMB participates in international projects and programmes, exchanges of students, postgraduates, interns, academics, teachers with large academic and academic institutions in other countries.

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