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The students of mgup held a rally for the resignation of the management of the visa

Protestation of MGPP students demanding the resignation of Dmitri Jedeleev. Anna Volkova/

On 16 May, students of the Moscow State University of Food Products, as we wrote earlier, launched a protest against the actions of the Vus leadership. Students demanded the resignation of the Director of the Ministry of Education, Dmitri Edeliev, the holding of independent student self-government elections and changes in the level of education and living conditions.

In an hour and a half before the rally, students threw up. Moscow State University Applied biotechnologies with which the MUPP ' s " scattered " in 2011 called for a major change to the street and participated in protests. "The Deputy Curriculator said that he'd be in trouble for us," he told Ridous the former student of Pavel Romans.

However, this did not hinder the holding of a rally. At about 12:30, some 70 students went outside and started demanding the resignation of the razor. Some students started climbing their standing car. After a while, disgruntled students calmed down university security officers.

Protestation of MGPP students demanding the resignation of Dmitri Jedeleev. Anna Volkova/

"After our university united, we were promised a lot of things: student management, building repairs, etc. Ultimately, we close 17 cafés, 60 per cent of all teaching staff, the scientist council in the integrated universities, four of them, tell Pavel. Seventh dormitory: two floors were separated, there are hastarbites. Prevention: everything to live is given to other people. In the Textiles, market, pizza, shoes repair, and lots of stuff. The Corps rented the police. And they've shut down the Cheerios - a student drink.

Students have written several times to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation and to the Office of the President, but all of these papers have soon appeared on the table at the Rector ' s, Dmitri Edeliev.

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