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Moscow State University Of Applied Biotechnology

Faculty of Biotechnology

Кто такой биолог?

Dean organizer: RAN Academy of Mirosnikov Anatoly Ivanovich

The Faculty of Biotechnology was established at the initiative of the Rector of the IGU, Academic V.A. Sadovnico, 2013.

The need for a biotechnology faculty has been dictated by trends and prospects for biotechnology development in our country:

  • In today ' s world, biotechnology from the private sector is becoming one of the leading industries, a systemic factor in the economic development of both individual States (including Russia) and the world economy as a whole.
  • In order to improve the competitiveness of the domestic economy in this regard, a comprehensive programme for the development of biotechnology up to 2020 was developed in 2012 and in 2013 the Government of the Russian Federation approved a plan of action ( " road map " ) " The development of biotechnology and genetic engineering " , which will contribute to the production of biotechnological products in Russia by about 1 per cent of GDP by 2020 and at least 3 per cent of GDP by 2020.

Training for new generations is a priority to achieve such indicators. This challenge was adopted by the Moscow State University, M.V. Lomonosov, where the biotechnology faculty was established.

The faculty plans to train highly skilled biotechnology personnel with skills in the production, research and use of biotechnology facilities (microorganisms, crops of plant and animal cells, biologically active substances) from laboratory to scale technology

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