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Newceboxard Applied Biotechnology Technique

Automated library information system

The National Library of the Republic of Chuvash is the official distributor of the IRBIS Automated Library Information System (ARBIS) in the Chuvas Republic, the Republic of República María Al and Mordovia, developed by the International Association of Users and Developments of Electronic Libraries and New Information Technologies of EBNIT.

Description and main features of the IRBIS System

The IRBIS official website is available at: the system is designed to automate any type of library from the largest to small school, rural and domestic libraries.


- IRBIS for MS DOS (free version)
- IRBIS 64/32 (base and complete sets)
- Web-IRBIS (component Z39.50)
- IRBIS 64 (base and complete)
- Web-IBIS 64 (with component Z39.50)
♪ Irbis 64/128
- Full-text databases.


(New! A new toolkit for full-text databases has been developed.
♪ Establishment of databases on the basis of arbitrary texts of virtually any formats (TXT, DOC, RTF, PDF, HTML) without any prior processing.
♪ The search for full-text databases on natural language requests using original algorithms to rank the texts found.
♪ Automated technology for the creation of thematic classifiers on the basis of which the search for " similar " texts (i.e. context search) is feasible.
♪ End-user search interface for completetext databases.
• Means of publishing completetext databases on CD-ROM and on the Internet.
♪ Ad hoc expert user tools for text analysis.

Honourable users of the IBIS.

See if you've forgotten to extend the contract to escort IBIS. The cost of escorts for 12 months is 12 per cent of the cost of purchased software if the interruption between the end of the last guarantee period and the conclusion of a new contract does not exceed 3 months.

If the interruption is between 6 and 9 months, the cost will be 25%. When the cost is between 9 and 15 months, 50 per cent. If the interruption is between 15 and 24 months, the cost is 75 per cent. After two years without ABIS escort, IBIS will have to buy again.

At present, updating the IBIS 32 to IRBIS 64 can pay the price difference and purchase the IRBIS 64 TCP-IP server.

To help the rural librarian ation

Co-facilitators of the IRBIS system for the Cuvash Republic, República María Al and Mordovia

National Library of the Chuwash Republic
Body. (8352)622808, 625004 / Fax (8352)620821
Contact person: Bakova Galina Alexandrovna

ABIS Irbis Producer Coordinates

International Association of Electronic Libraries and New Information Technologies
Body. / Fax: (495)928-49-13

List of Chuwashia Libraries working at IRBIS (as of 2009)

1. Library of the Non-State Education Institute of the Law and Management Academy (institution)
2. Novočeboxarsk
3. LEO: "Novicheboxard Applied Biotechnology Technique"
4. State educational institution
Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Chuvash Republic

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