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Publication Of Applied Chemistry And Biotechnology Journal

Scientific journals of Irnito on the list of vacancies

Сер. Прикладная химия и

The four scientific journals of IRNITI have entered into a new list of the Higher Appraisal Commission, which will enter into force on 1 December. As noted by the Chief of Editorial Division of IRNITU, Galina Privalov, two magazines, Westnik of the Irkut State Technical University, and the Network of the Geoscience Section of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences. Geology, prospecting and exploration for ore deposits have already been included in the VAC list earlier. The news. Applied chemistry and biotechnologyand the University. Investments. Construction. Real property issued since 2011 will become " vaco " only now.

" We note trends in domestic science and, in particular, in the publication of a scientific period. The requirements for articles and reviewers are tightening. The list of journals in which a scholar can present the results of his candidate or doctoral dissertation is decreasing. In this context, we try to keep up with all the requirements of the VAC, both for the institution of review and for the level of scientific work published. The result of our work is an increase in the number of " Wakov " magazines in IRNITI, with a general reduction in the list of such publications in Russia.

To be included in the list of VAC journals, the publication needs to be officially registered, at least two years, four times a year. That is why our two publications are only now mature before being on the VAC list. Of course, the final decision of the Higher Appraisal Commission is based on such science metrics as the Hirsch index and the Impact factor, which refers to the status of publication and the material published therein. The news is, therefore, that our publications are on the new list is welcome and indicative.

At present, IRNITU has another journal, " Building the Laboratories of ancient technologies " , which is a worthy contender to fill in a list of university journals on the list of the High Appraisal Commission " , told G. Privalov.

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