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State University Of Applied Biotechnology


Чурбанов Петр Николаевич


Science: Systematic analysis and decision-making theory; knowledge-oriented systems in applied biotechnology, intellectual agent modelling and multiagent systems.
Scientific and pedagogical experience: more than 30 years.

Scientific publications:


Linked to the development of information technologies for decision-making in the processing of biosystem through the wide application of systems analysis, structural-parametric and simulations of biotechnological, social and living systems in situations of uncertainty, risk and conflict. The dynamics of a large-scale active system in conflict situations are, in most cases, unpredictable and its end-state with the resolution or escalation of conflict cannot be predicted from the initial state by analytical or logical analysis, as it is the result of the multidisciplinary interaction of many active elements of the system and the environment. Analytical methods and theory of games consider the static condition of the elements of opposing parties, without taking into account the dynamics of each active element and its direct impact on the status of other elements. For the identification and prediction of conflict situations, it is therefore relevant to the development of models and agent-oriented simulations of the interaction of conflicting elements - intellectual agents (IA) that alter their properties and behaviour according to the condition of other elements and environments. IA models describing the individual characteristics of each conflict participant ' s state and behaviour at each step of engagement are merged into a multi-agent simulation model of a large active system, reproducing the dynamic interaction of IA with the ability to identify their condition and predict optimal strategies for achieving the objective. Despite the diversity of conflict situations of different social and physical nature, conflict resolution strategies are either a direct negotiation process, a situational strategy for the hidden fight against the opposing side, or intellectual strategies for achieving the objective in a climate of uncertainty and risk. At the same time, the implementation of strategies in a specific environment is consistent with actions related to individual assessment and changes in the status of each conflicting agent.

Iwaskin Yuri Alexeiwich

Chairman of the Section, Doctor of Technical Sciences (Pr. 05 13 16), Professor, Chair of Computer Technology and Systems Moscow State University Applied biotechnology; active member of the International Academy of Informatics and the International Academy of Systems Studies; honorary worker of the Supreme School of Russia.

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