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University Of Applied Biotechnology

Refrigeration and technology faculty




О факультете 'Холодильная техника и технология' МГУПБ... УВЕЛИЧИТЬ...


  • 140504 - Refrigeration, cryogenic equipment and conditioning;
  • 190603 - Service of transport and technology machinery and equipment (frigeration installations, equipment and air conditioning systems);
  • 280102 - Safety of process and production.


  • 140500 - Energy.

    Introductory examinations:

    DOCUMENTS . 1st flow from 1 July, 2nd from 16 July

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  • Invite scientists and engineers, postgraduates and students, and,
    interested institutions, firms, organizations and individuals, to participate in
    The information on the internet-gazete on refrigeration and its close-to-face.

    Internet master and publisher: AVISANCO.
    Editorial address: Russia, 115551, Moscow, Shipilovsk, D.47/1, office 67-A.
    Head site:

    First edition of the internet-gases on refrigeration and
    She's got a very close subject called "Holobber. RU" in January 2005.

    The Internet Gazette is registered by the Federal Enforcement Service
    Legislation in the field of mass communications and the protection of cultural heritage.

    Project Manager and Editor-in-Chief: Margarian S. M. (AVISANCO, GS)

    There is no record of liability for advertising.

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