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Беспилотный трактор «Агробот»

Autumn 2012, all the stonewalls promised by the Lords of Darkness and Morok have been wiped to the bottom, the spirit can be calmly translated, and we can move to the emerging.

It is in Russia, where the forthcoming Peace Upgrading is coming from, to build the New Science Padigma of the Peace Building. More detailed information about the Russian theory of Ethira can be found here:

What's that?

"There will be an environment in which planets and stars float, that is, what is filled with airless space and all space. If we had a vacuum compressor pumped the air out of a closed capacity, it didn't mean there was an absolute void, the dummy would be filled with air, and you can't say that it was there during the air pump, it was always there, only the compressor removed the atoms and molecules from it, so it cleaned it. Thus, fishermen who have found fish networks can be said to purify the water from it, while the water goes freely through networks: their cells are too large to hold it.

Even more fluid, even super-tek, the environment is air. Until mankind has the means to register it directly. Water, even invisible, transparent, is detected by its resistance to the palms or springs; air is almost neither palm nor, much less, spring, but faces we can feel even the lightest of his anguish; the air is not felt by us, and if it feels like anticipating weather changes, it will not be realized. Its existence is confirmed only indirectly, but sufficiently convincing.

The ether is the environment with the electromagnetic waves, including light. Don't be that environment, there wouldn't be a wave. The circles from the stone thrown into the water only when the stone falls into the water: there would be no water, there would be no circles; the sound we hear only because the air is running its waves: in the air, absolute silence. Also with the light: if it is spreading, which is obvious, there is no doubt its environment; this environment is the air.

The light, as a witness to the existence of the air, also defines its boundaries. The stars we see are obviously in one of our uninterrupted air spaces; this is our Ethical Oblast, or in other words, the Visible Space of the universe; outside this Ombaka is an absolute void, and the light is not out there. Consequently, the universe is an absolute void in which the air clouds are located and one of them is ours. The size of the visible space is vast and not common: the light that spreads on the air at a speed of 30,000 kilometres per second crosses only one of our Galactica in 100 thousand years, and all knows about a billion galaxies.

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