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Highlights Of Biotechnology

Brief theory of everything: 15 important books on mathematics, astronomy

Селекция в биотехнологии

Brief theory of everything: 15 important books on mathematics, astronomy and genetics
Humanity is getting closer to the creation of new living organisms in principle, and someone still represents Frankenstein's monster when he hears about GMO. "Theories and practices " have produced a brief overview of literature that will help even humanites to understand the history of sciences, the latest technological developments and a little in the future, from anti-chance mathematics and the first experience of microbiologists to the nanotechnology revolution.

Molecular genetics and biotechnology

Genome man
Edwin McConkey.

The American Microbiologist Edwin McKonki provides up-to-date data from human molecular genetics on the mutation of genes, genetic diseases, screening of newborns and adults, as well as the genetic bases of cancer and intrauterine genetics. And it's all connected to applied medicine. People with a weak nut better not read.

" There is a time when the study of small variations in many genes will lead us to individualized medicine, the time when the genetic foundations of most congenital anomalies are identified and the time when the comparison of human genes and primates reveals the genetic basis of human uniqueness. ♪

Egoist gene
Richard Dokins

Richard Dokinza's leading atheist book came out in 1976, and in 2006 it was the third time that it was released, but it still remains valid and it is still controversial. According to Dokinza, evolutionary selection takes place at the level of genes rather than individual species. Egoist gene should be clearly read at least because the theoretical evolutionary biology to date is based on the views of Dokins.

" More careful study often shows that the actions of a seemingly altruistic are actually driving disguised egoism. Repeat: I do not mean that the altruist was secretly motivated by selfish motives, but the real impact of his intervention on the prospects for survival was the opposite of what they seemed to be. ♪

Biotechnology. Guide to combating myths on genetic modification of plants, animals and people

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