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Main Areas Of Micro-Organism Biotechnology

Основные направления селекции
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Dairy products biotechnology

The food spectre of microorganisms is stiff. They're groceries - bread, cheese, wine, beer, creativity, etc. Until recently, biotechnology has been used in the food industry to improve the processes that have been developed and to make better use of micro-organisms, but the future here lies in genetic research to create more productive strains for specific needs, introduce new methods into vegetation technology.

Dairy products in the food industry are derived from fermentation processes. Basic biotechnology Dairy products are milk. Moloko (secretary of dairy gland) is a unique natural nutrient environment. It contains 82-88% of the water and 12-18% of the dry residue. The dry dairy residue consists of proteins (3, 0-3, 2 per cent), fats (3, 3-6, 0 per cent), carbs (mild sugar of lactosis 4.7 per cent), salts (0, 9-1 per cent), mine components (0.1 per cent): enzymes, immunoglobulinas, lizocim, etc. Dairy fats are very diverse in their composition. The main proteins of milk are albumin, Kazein. Thanks to this composition, milk is an excellent substrate for the development of microorganisms. Dairy boilers and milk bacteria are usually involved. Other milk products are also produced by using reactions that accompany the main process of lactosing: stun, yogurt, cheese, etc. The nature and intensity of fermentation reactions depend on the nature and intensity of the final product. The reactions that accompany the formation of dairy acid usually determine the special characteristics of the products. For example, secondary reactions of fermentation that occur during the ripening of raw materials determine the taste of individual varieties. Peptids, amino acids and fatic acids in milk are involved in such responses.

All technology processes for milk products are divided into two parts: (1) primary processing - destruction of by-products; (2) secondary processing. The primary processing of milk includes several stages.

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