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Main Areas Of Nikr In Biotechnology

Development fund

биотехнологии и

Foundation for the Promotion of Small Enterprises in Science and Technology

The State Non-Profit Organization, in the form of a federal public budget institution, the Foundation for the Promotion of Small Enterprises in Science and Technology, has three main objectives:
Goal 1 - Promote effective innovative entrepreneurship through small business;
Goal 2 - To promote the development of the country 's productive and technological capacities in the priority areas of science, technology and technology for the competitive advantage of the Russian innovation economy through the support of small enterprises;
Goal 3 - Promote the development and development of infrastructure to support small-scale enterprises.

Three programmes have been established for this purpose. There are no specific goals and targets for biotechnology, but one of the five main areas for which individual grants are awarded is one of five. biotechnology

Subjects of dominance and mode of dominance (finance): The Fund provides financial support to contract-based projects (contracts) as well as through the provision of grants to natural and legal persons to finance projects that have the prospect of commercialization and are implemented by small-scale innovative entrepreneurs.

Support for biotechnology projects: The fund supports projects in key high-technology sectors, as well as in our field.

Biotechnology projects can be funded under the programme. For this purpose, a dedicated line of H5. Biotechnology.
Financial support is provided in the form of a grant and non-reimbursable cash grant (grants).

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