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New Areas Of Biotechnology

Chemicals and biotechnology

One of the fastest-growing areas in the world, with both the scientific content and the applied, the production part. Chemical and biotechnology are the foundation of large enterprises, which constitute a significant part of the industrial complex of many countries around the world.

Chemical and biotechnology address a number of critical areas of human activity, including energy, medicine, materials, food, ecology and others. The speciality of chemical technology or biotechnology offers enormous career prospects in a variety of fields.

Chemical technology as a profession is part of the technical sciences that deals with the application of physical and chemical laws and mathematics. One of the main tasks of chemical engineering is to create new materials and to improve already known. Another important part of chemical technology is the organization and maintenance of chemical processes in large-scale production (technologist or production engineer). It is the chemical engineers who are responsible for the availability of high-quality materials that are vital to the industrial economy.

Chemical technologies are responsible for the production of chemicals used in daily life. Chemistry engineers work in areas such as:

  • Water and water treatment;
  • Petroleum refining;
  • Electricity production;
  • Food production;
  • Cosmetics and clothing, etc.

Grave chemical engineers and chemo-technologists are growing in industries such as the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, increasing demand for them in environmental projects and the food industry. In Russia, chemical technologies specializing in the production of separatist materials are very demanding. In addition to their own work at the workplace, chemical technology graduates can work in both scientific laboratories and as consultants in business or public institutions.

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