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Establishment of a list of required competences: first experience of the roses

Key words:
competencies required
For website research
employer surveys
competent clusters
Competence model
Annotations: The article examines the first Russian experience in establishing lists of required competences for technological innovations obtained through a large-scale research project commissioned by the Russian Ministry of Education. The scope of the study is limited to the key areas of the seven priority areas of science and technology development: information and telecommunications systems; biotechnology; medicine and health; new materials and nanotechnology; transport and space systems; environmental management; energy and energy efficiency. Used methods of research and employer surveys on new technology JobCompetence Description.
The article describes the step-by-step logic of the study: the identification of new technological trends and " future challenges " by analysing the strategic development documents of Russia and foreign countries, the work of experts on the development of a list of competences to be used; the holding of a forum session, the formalization and verification of their results through the survey of Russian enterprises carrying out technological innovation activities. Competent future clusters for science, technology and technology priorities, job descriptions and competency models are presented as scientific results. This allows for the formulation of vocational education requirements, taking into account the prospects for technological innovation up to 2030, increasing the chances of job security for graduates and filling job opportunities.

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