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Agricultural Biotechnology

Доклад По Биологии На Тему

Bacterial fertilizers based on strawberry bacteria, nitragin and rizotorphine

The soil microflora has a direct impact on its fertility and, as a consequence, on plant yields. The elementary micro-organisms in the growth and development process improve soil structure, accumulate nutrients, mineralize various organic compounds, transforming them into vegetated food components. Various bacterial fertilizers are used to stimulate these processes, enriching the risosphere of plants with useful microorganisms. Microorganisms used for the production of bacterials contribute not only to the provision of minerals, but also to physiologically active substances (phytohormones, vitamins, etc.).

Bacterial fertilizers such as nitragin, rizotorphine, nitrogen-bacterin, phosphobacterin, psychossol.

Soul bacteria drug technology

The waste industry produces two types of tuber bacteria: nitragin and Risotorphine♪ Both preparations are based on active, viable tuber bacteria of Rhizobium. These bacteria in symbiosis with bean crops can capture the free nitrogen of the atmosphere, turning it into compounds that are easily exploited by the plant.

Rhizobium bacteria is strict aerobs. Extensive, small and non-active cultures are among them. The criterion of strawberry bacteria activity is their ability to detect atmospheric nitrogen in symbiosis with bean vegetation and to use it as congeners for the roots of plants.

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