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Alexander Blacksmith Biotechnology Of Natural Farming

It's just about the biotech of natural farming

Немного фоток

Naturally dynamic farming is based on the use of organic mauls as natural. It's not a manure. For the mulch, any unpredictable or rotten organism will fit. I mean, it's not enzyme before. Fresh. It's both grass and leaves, shredded branches, havous, residues of grain production, etc., even of olives and paper. It's the first moment.

Second moment. The organism that we put under the plant should be tempted by some of the soil inhabitants. They are referred to as saprophytes. It could be microbes (bacteria, etc.), mushrooms and soil life - rain worms, etc. For what? That and the rationale of biotechnology is to use living organisms, soil inhabitants, to feed our plants on their own. How's that?

It's simple. Mixrobes and mushrooms provide their digestive juices containing enzymes. I mean, to the environment, to the mulch we put under the plant. This recharging process, which we have laid, is a saprophysis of the soil and will thus be a " feeding plant in nature " . We're just using this scheme. We are intensifying its maintenance of the " food process " so that it is continuous and active, and therefore, plant feeding.

That's the whole thing about technology. Everything is automatic, with the help of soil inhabitants and their " feeding ground " . Nothing more needs to be taken care of as soon as we support this process.

" Useful " or " effective "
I don't think it's gonna be the same.

They've been gone for a long time because of the digs or flashes. So they have to be put under the mulch. How do you do that?

First methodand the simplest. You can spray under a plant in a garden with the soil (with no watering) of fresh grassy animals. Just a little bit, a delicate layer. Herbal manure is a source of soil saprophytes. In fact, it's a natural snack for soil. And now, on the top of this layer, we need to put the mulch away from any organism. It's just the bay.

The second is the use of microbiological drugs, all of which are based on the same soil saprophytes. It's just the biopreparates. There are two moments: the first, they're alive, the second, it's just a patch for the soil. And they can't expect more. If you create the conditions for their " feeding ground " , they'll welcome the addition of your crops. If you spill the naked soil, you'll throw the money on the wind and get some frustration. Another point on EMPs: they should be made several times over the season.

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