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Biotechnology As Science And Production

Department of Agricultural Biotechnology

Периодическое культивирование

The Agricultural Biotechnology Café was opened in 1995. Professor Evdokimov Evgeny Vasilievich was the founder and the first director of the departments. From 2007 to the present, the Chair is headed by Cand. Bill of Science, Assistant Professor Semenov Sergei Jurievic.

At present, the PFP of the Chair consists of 6 people, of whom: 2 professors with a PhD degree in the biological sciences, 3 dossiers with a degree in the sciences and 2 senior teachers (one with a degree in the biological sciences).

Café teachers are reading a number of biotechnological disciplines in the education standard " Plant Protection " , " Ecology " , " Economics and Management at APC " and " Agronomy " . From 1999 to now, 65 degrees on " Environmental and agricultural biotechnology " have been completed by cafeteria students. There were eight postgraduate students at the cafeteria.

Biotechnology is an integrated field of science and practice that includes tasks and solutions that require not only basic biological knowledge but also technical skills, specialized computer software knowledge, economy and production. Owing to the specificities of this field of knowledge, the teaching staff of the cafeteria are unique in the range of training. Among them are the radio engineer and the physiologist and the ecology, agronomics, soils and biotechnology.

The cafeteria ' s interests include mathematical modelling of biological processes, cellular kinetics, the cultivation of micro-organisms, bio-technology hardware and software, microbiology, agricultural and environmental biotechnology. Five candidates and two doctoral dissertations have been protected by staff members during the cafeteria.

In 2008, cafeteria staff began training students on the new specialization of " Plant Protection Biotechnology " (in agronomic " Plant Protection " ).

Since 2010, in the context of the Agronomy area, the cafeteria will begin training specialists on rural biotechnology.

The research of the cafeteria is carried out on the basis of two TGO laboratories:
Biokinics and biotechnology,
♪ Biophysics Membrane and Microbiology Laboratories of GN Sibnji Agriculture And the torph of Rosselhozacadeemia.

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