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Biotechnology In Belarus

The development of innovative biotechnology in the Republic of Belarus, in keeping with current trends in scientific and technological progress, was presented by scientists at a press conference at the press house

A press conference, held on 11 August 2015, was attended by the Director-General of the GNGO, Chemical Synthesis and Biotechnology, Director of the Ministry of Microbiology of NAN Belarus, Correspondent Colomic E.I., and Director of the National Institute of Genetics and Citology of the National Institute of Bioscience of Belarus, Lemes V.A.

Director-General of GNGO Chemicals and Biotechnology Emilia Colomica Noted that the world ' s economy was waiting for increased economic returns and further development from biotechnology. In 2017, a total of $468 billion of biotech income is projected in the world and $2,000 billion in 2025. Belarus was also aware of the world trend and was trying to support scientists working on the issue. In Belarus, a biotechnological development plan has been developed and a science and technology cluster has been set up, the GNGO Chemical Synthesis and Biotechnology, which has brought together leading scientific organizations in the Republic in the field of biotechnology, private enterprises and the Bortuian Biotechnology Plant. For 2014 development of biotechnology In Belarus, $10 million was allocated from the budget. This money has been used for basic, scientific, technical, public and inter-State programmes within the framework of EurAsEC. The Government ' s support has led to the development of biotechnology in Belarus. To date, biotechnology in Belarus is 1.1 per cent of GDP. With regard to the per capita production of biotechnological products, the Republic of Belarus currently stands at $84, $3, $227, the EU is $157, China $9, $7, Russia 4, $1.

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