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Biotechnology Responses

Department of Pharmaceutical Technology and Biotechnology

Внимание! ОбъявлениеCurrently, biotechnological medicines are gradually being diverted from traditional medicines based on innovative approaches to the synthesis of biologically active substances, including processes such as biological synthesis, biotransformation, a combination of biological and chemical transformation methods, making it possible to produce pharmacologically active substances virtually non-exhaustive.

Biotechnology produces genetic engineering proteins, enzymes, diagnostic tools, vitamins, antibiotics, biosuitable materials, etc. Read it. ♪ ♪

Scientific Seminar: "Organization of the production of innovative drugs under GMP rules.
Biotechnology aspects in the development of medicines, GLP standards

Практика по фармацевтической технологииInvite the publication of scientific research in science and technologyReviewed journal " Treatment and registration of medicines " .

!Студенты ВолгГМУ на V «Беликовских чтениях» 03 Members of our university may publish the results of their scientific research free of charge in the scientific and productive journal " Treatment and Registration of Medicines " (ISSN: 2305-2066, Media Registration Certificate - IP No. 77-51910). Read it. ♪ ♪

The site has been made extensive references to downloading the pharmacy curriculum for students at the 1st Pharmaceutical School in the winter examination session 2012/13:

Zaw Café of Pharmaceutical Technology and Biotechnology,
Professor A.V. Simonian.

On 5 December, at 13:30, a meeting of the CCW will be held at the Pharmaceutical Technology and Biotechnology Café. The meeting will have before it a report on " Modern biopharmaceutical research techniques " .

Rapporteur: Assistant Professor of the Department of Pharmaceutical Technology and Biotechnology, Cand. A.A. Salamatov.

Students and teachers of VolgGM are invited to attend.

Pharmaceutical Technology and Biotechnology, Professor A.V. Simonan

Pharmaceutical technology is an important step in the development of skills and skills, as well as in the creative thinking of future visions. During the period of training in pharmaceutical technology, students are given three types of practice: Propedeutic and productive (in pharmacy) and teaching in the pharmaceutical industry.

Новые учебные лаборатории на кафедре фармацевтической технологии 12 Доктор

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