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Centre For Vector And Biotechnology


научный центр вирусологии

The Centre ' s mission is to provide scientific and practical support to counter global infectious threats.

Centre organized in 1974 It is composed of a branch, the Institute of Medical Biotechnology, located in Berdske Novosibir province.

Today, the basic research work of the GNZ, Vector, focuses on new scientific knowledge in epidemiology, molecular biology, virology, bacteriology, genetic engineering, biotechnology, ecology and biosafety. The Centre ' s case studies aim to develop effective tools and techniques for the prevention, treatment and diagnosis of infectious diseases, and to develop and improve biotechnologies for the production of anti-communicable pathogens.

The main challenges facing the Centre are:

  • basic research by the instigators of particularly dangerous and socially significant viral infections, their genetic variability and diversity, the pathogenes of virus infections;
  • Ensuring continued preparedness for the diagnosis of highly hazardous infectious agents;
  • Development and implementation of diagnostic, curative and preventive health practices;
  • Postgraduate training of specialists, as well as the training of high-level researchers in virology, molecular biology and biotechnology through postgraduate and research.

One of Russia ' s first GNV Vector has developed and produced testing systems for HIV and hepatitis B diagnosis; the first in Russia has produced an out-of-pharmaceutical interferon-a-2 virus; developed and introduced Ridson immunism with antiviral activism, including against the Influenza virus; the domestic influenza virus

In the main areas of scientific activity of the GNZ, Vector actively cooperates with various institutions of RAN, RAMO, RASH, Rotterdam, Ministry of Health and Russian PM.

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