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Faculty Of Biotechnology And Biology For A Moment Of Ogre

10, ulp гдз 6 клас математика
Rewin Victor Vasiljevic


Faculty of Biotechnology and Biology of N.P. Ogareva Mordo State University, one of the oldest faculties. He's been taking his start since the '30s. Currently, the Faculty of Biotechnology and Biology is a strong and developed framework with four departments: biotechnology, bio-engineering and biochemistry, nerds, physiology and plant ecology, zoology and genetics. All cafeterias are equipped with modern scientific and computing equipment and there is an open computer class with Internet access. The faculty also consists of a botanical garden, a biological station and a biological museum.

The Faculty of Biotechnology opens doors every year to new students and invites applicants. Training takes place both on a traditional basis (5 years of education) and on a two-tier system (4 years of baccalaureate and 2 years of magistracy). Recruitment is carried out in the following fields:

Elementary education

020200.62 Biology - Bachelor ' s degree in biology. 4 years of study. Area of activity: Research (support and junior scientific staff). Applied laboratory. Scientific and productive activities. Biomonitoring. Nature protection. Presentation of the results of the EGE on biology, mathematics and Russian.

020200.68 Biology, Master of Biology. Training is provided under the following specialized programmes: 020200.68.05 Botanica, 020200, 68.09 Genetics, 020200.68.11 Biochemia and Molecular Biology, 020200.68.13 Ecology, 020200.68.03 " Socio-vertebrate " . 2 years of study. Area of activity: Research (Schools) Applied laboratory. Scientific and productive activities (explorer). Biomonitoring. Nature protection. Teaching (including universities). The biology test.

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