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Программы на иностранных языкахEvery year, the University of Yagellon expands its proposal for curricula in foreign languages. The highest university in Poland and one of the best in Europe: modern management, innovative learning programmes and bold vision of the future, which is the result of the rich experience of more than six hundred years of history. This ensures the global level of the university, both by teaching staff and students ' level, and by research, scholarships and training.

At the Yagellon University, programmes in foreign languages are implemented at all levels of education: first, second and third degree, indivisible master ' s degree and postgraduate studies in English, German, Russian and Ukrainian.

A complete list of educational programmes in foreign languages is available on the 2015/2016 catalogue site " in foreign languages.

The proposal for the above-mentioned training programmes consists of a variety of programmes, such as:

First-level training programmes and indivisible magistrates.

Specialities in English:

  • Health education for secondary school applicants
  • Medical education for university students,
  • Medical and dental education,
  • International relations and regionalism.

Specialities in German and Polish:

  • Management ” International Management (Consortium of Yagellon University and i ESB Business School Reutlingen University - dual diploma programme).

Specialities in Russian:

  • International relations and regionalism “international security, politics and culture, regionalist.

Specialities in Ukrainian and Polish:

  • " Poland - Ukraine. Border and neighbourhood in Europe.

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