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Moscow State University Of Biotechnology

The Dean of the Faculty of Biotechnology gave an interview to the press service of the official Internet portal of the city ' s public administration


The faculty was established by order of the Director of the MOU of Sadovnico V.A. Academy in September 2013. The main tasks assigned to the faculty are the development of the Ministry of Education in the requested area of biotechnology, the preservation and, in the long run, the deepening of the links between the MOU and the RAN Puechny Centre, which were established during the operation of the IGU branch in the city of Puchio.

Anatoly Ivanovich Mirosnikov, Academia RAN, President of the Bureau of the Pušnj Centre RAN, relatively recently appointed dean organizer of the MUV.Lomonosov College of Biotechnology, gave an interview detailing the establishment of the faculty, the educational programme to be implemented, the prospects for the development of the faculty, the interaction of the faculty with the Faculty of the Reception Company

In 2014, the first biotechnological faculty (integrated master ' s degree, 20 government budget places, Biology, 4+2 years of study) has been announced, with students attending both Moscow and the Pušchea Scholarship. At the same time, a study scheme is being considered when a student will be studying 1 day per week in Puchcho, 7 to 4 days, 8 to 5 days. At the time of the 7th and 8th semester, students will be given a dormitory in sciencegrad. Following the transition to the master ' s office, the same pattern is planned: both in Moscow and in Pušchovo. Such an integrated approach will ensure that the practical science is fully immersed by the use of the base of the institutions of the RAN Pušchny Scientific Centre.

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