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Oao Biotechnology

Reconstruction and modernization of the OAO Eastern-Sibir Biotechnology Companion. The technology used enables the establishment of a biotechnician capable of responding flexibly to demand-side changes.

The bio-technology facility will produce a wide range of products for different markets: biobutaneol, acetone, fodder, solid granular biofuels, dextrosis, thermal and electrical energy.

Liquid biofuels will be used as an environmentally clean fuel supplement to motor fuels, which will allow the transition of the RF to a higher standard of petrol quality (Euro-4, Euro-5) without significant investment in existing NPAs and improve the country ' s overall export capacity.

The use of solid granular biofuels in small energy will significantly reduce the cost of electricity and heat and reduce the risks of power failure in centralized networks.

The developed and used evaporation, obsolescence and vacuum-relief equipment will reduce the energy consumption of production from 2 to 5 times. The use of this equipment in other industries can significantly increase the energy efficiency of these industries.

The implementation of the OAO Biotechnology Corporation project will:

To receive environmentally clean fuel additives from pulp-based renewable non-food sources of raw materials and to move to a higher quality standard for petrol (Euro-4, Euro-5) without significant investment in existing NHRIs;

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