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Plant Biotechnology

Microclonal reproduction and plant health

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Methods of microclonal reproduction

Methods of clonal micro-development

There are many methods of clonal micro-development and different classifications. According to one of them proposed by Murasig in 1977, the process could be carried out in the following ways:

1. The activation of the arrogance.

2. Education of adventive runs of explant tissue.

3. Adventive racing in the calculus.

4. Induction of somatic embryogenes in explant cells.

5. Somatic embryogenis in the calculus tissue.

6. Formation of dowry embryos in the tissues of primary somatic foes (primary embryos).

H. V. Kataeva and R. G. Butenko (1983) distinguish two fundamentally different types of clonal micro-dissemination:

1. Activation of the plant ' s already existing merchant (staller, sinister and sleeping kidneys).

2. Induction of kidneys or embryoids de novo :

(a) The formation of adventive runs directly by the tissue of the explant;

(b) Induction of somatic embryogenes;

(c) The differentiation of adventive kidneys in the primary and transplant cllus tissue.

Basic methodwhich is used in cloning plant micro-diversions - activating the development of an already existing plant product. It is based on the removal of apical dominance (Figure 18).

This can be achieved in two ways: (a) the removal of the top-track stalk and the subsequent microchip of the escape. in vitro (b) The addition of cytocinine-type substances to the nutrient environment, inspiring the development of numerous pasture escapes. Tytokins are typically used by 6-benzilaminopurin (BAP) or 6-furfurilaminopurin (Kinetine) and Zeatin as cytokins.

Rhys. 18. Plant multiplication by activation of already existing merchandise (in A. R. Rodina, E. A. Kalashnikova, 1993): 1 by removal of the upper merchandise: 2 by adding cytocinines on Wednesday (b/g - environment without hormones, C - cytocininin, A - Auksin)

The escapes thus obtained are separated from the primary explant and are again self-sustained to a newly-prepared nutrient environment that promotes the profiling of arrogant and the emergence of higher order escapes.

Most of the explant uses upper or fabulous kidneys that are isolated from escape and placed on nutrients with cytocinines. Enlightened. ♪ ♪

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