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Biology is a science that is now actively developing and the great expectations of biotechnology. Biotechnology is now being introduced into industry, agriculture and medicine. Genetic engineering, cellular engineering and, of course, cloning are most relevant in the twenty-first century and, unfortunately, school does not fully address these topics. I chose this topic for my work because I want to know more about the directions of modern biology.

BIOTECHNOLOGY, use of living organisms and biological processes in industrial production. Microbiological synthesis of enzymes, vitamins, amino acids, antibiotics, etc. Industrialization of other biologically active substances (hormonal preparations, immune compounds, etc.) through genetic engineering and animal and plant cell culture.

BIOTEHNOLOGY (from Greek bios - life, techne - art, skills and logos - word, study, use of living organisms and biological processes in production. Biotechnology is an interdisciplinary area emerging from the interface of biological, chemical and technical sciences. C development of biotechnology Addressing the global challenges of humanity is the elimination of food, energy, mineral resources, health and environmental quality.

CLEAN INGENERY, special methods for new type cells. Cellular engineering includes the reconstruction of a viable cell from separate fragments of different cells, the consolidation of whole cells belonging to different species (and even those of different kings - plants and animals), the creation of a cell containing both cells ' genetic material and other operations. Cellular engineering is used to address theoretical problems in biotechnology, to create new forms of plants with useful characteristics and simultaneously resilient diseases, etc.

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