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Siberia Biotechnology Centre

Siberia Centre for Pharmacology and Biotechnology

Бифизим 70 капсул

The Sibirian Centre for Pharmacology and Biotechnology is the producer of preparations developed jointly with the Institute of Citology and Genetics of RAN and the G.I. Budker SO RAN Institute for Nuclear Physics (Mr. Novosibirsk).
For the Siberia Centre for Pharmacology and Biotechnology, 2005-2008 has become years of growing up and becoming a modern innovative company. The idea was first: from the development of the academic institutions of the Siberia branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, to create a competitive market product. At first, as always, the outlook seemed gracious, and many difficulties were simply not noted. For that time, by the way, an overly optimistic picture of the prospects for innovation was quite typical. There were many words that many genius inventions that were not required by the old economic system had been stored on the shelves of institutions since Soviet times, and only minimal investment and entrepreneurial initiative were required to make the country embark on an innovative path of development and to lose all silicon valleys together.
There was no time, and there was no market-oriented technology. We couldn't create a new Internet or an alternative to mobile communications. Advanced goods and technology continue to be acquired abroad, and oil and gas are pumped backwards. There has also been optimism among those who initially sought to invest in new technologies. This was not so simple, at least it was more difficult to trade Chinese shoes during the initial accumulation of capital.
It is understandable, however, that there are not even very people-centred activities that are truly fantastic market prospects. One of these is biotechnology in medicine. The 21st century is rightly considered a century of biotechnology and human sciences, and the health sector is one of the most promising market segments.

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