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Department of Biotechnology

И.М. Сеченова – единственный

The Department of Biotechnology was established by order of I.M. Sechenov, President of the First MICIVIH, on 7 June 2010.

The cafedera is a professional issue:

  • Biotechnology (qualification - Engineer (Bureau 5 years), Baccalaureate (4 years), Master (2 years) since 2011
  • Bio-engineering and Bio-Informatics (qualification - Professional, 5-year learning time)

The first set of students on the Biotechnology track was held in 2010.

The Cafédra also teaches " Biotechnology " to students studying in the area of " Farmation " (day, evening and distance learning).

Since 2011, the training of specialists will be conducted in accordance with the new generation of federal State educational standards.

The number of professors and professors in the cafeteria is 11, 3 doctors and 7 candidates.

Café training facilities:

  • Nikit Boulevard, home 13 (Farmast Faculty), 5th floor, room 74, 75, 76
  • Nahimov Prospect, d. 45 (Farmation FRA), 3 floor, room 7, 8, 9, 18, 120
  • State Centre for Antibiotics
  • Establishment Russian Academy of Sciences Aquad Bioorganic Chemistry Institute. M.M. Shemakin and U.A. Ovchinnikov RAN
  • State Research Institution of the All-Russian Research Institute of Medicine and Aromatic Plants

Information on the Department of Biotechnology in the media:

:: " Journal of France " No. 27, 7 September 2010

♪ I.M. Sechenova ' s opening day video and research activities of the Department of Biotechnology

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