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Status Of Biotechnology

Russian market for biotechnology

-.jpgOn the one hand, the current state of biotechnology in the Russian Federation is characterized by a lack of production from the level and growth of countries that are technological leaders in this field and, on the other hand, an increasing demand for biotechnology products by consumers.

The result is high import dependence on essential traditional biotechnology products, medicines and feed additives, and the absence of their own innovative biotechnology products on the Russian market.

Red biotechnology

The Russian market for products of red biotechnology is the largest in monetary terms. It is estimated to be between 60 and 90 billion roubles per year, but demand is mainly met through imports. According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, only 5 per cent of biotechnological substances used in the production of final medicines are produced in Russia.

Given the general technological lag in the industry and the high capital intensity of research in the field of red biotechnology, the development of the sector in Russia is on the path to the creation of new high-tech productions for the production of biotech jerricans to ensure the importation of medicines.

The following major projects in the field of biopharmaceuticals are currently being implemented in Russia:

gmo.jpg1. WAG Generium (Vladimir Region) is a project for the construction of a biotechnological production facility for the treatment of blood diseases. Investment - 2 billion roubles (60 million roubles). Upon completion of the project capacity, up to 10 new biotechnological preparations are planned and marketed annually. Output expected: 2.7 billion roubles in 2010, 7.6 billion roubles in 2013.

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