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Targeted Biotechnology Products

Model scheme and main phases of biotechnology production

The biological process refers to the synthesis of a substance (bio process product) with the direct participation of living microorganisms and their designated fermentors - biological catalysts.

The main features and differences of the biotech process are: participation of micro-organisms, complex composition of the reaction environment, complex response mechanism and long-term response, external sensitivity (sterility, pressure, temperature, etc.).

Biotechnology products are produced by individual technology with their agents, raw materials, stadiums, technology regimes. However, a model for the production data can be distinguished. She's in rice. 4.

Типовая схема биотехнологических производствRhys. 4. Model scheme for biotechnological productions

Basic in this scheme Biotechnology The stage whose main purpose is to obtain a certain organic substance. It includes a number of following biological processes by which raw materials become a final product (see Figure 4).

Fermentation is a special class of chemical transformation of a substance consisting of a series of interconnected synthesis and decomposition reactions occurring in organic matter under the influence of enzymes. Ferments are thus universal biological catalysts with complex composition.

Biotransformation is the process of changing the chemical structure of the substance under enzymes or enzymatic activity of microorganism cells.

Biocatalise is the chemical transformation of a substance using nutrient biocatalizers.

Biooxidation - Consumption of Pollutants through Microorganisms or Micro-organisms in Aerobic Conditions.

Methane bromination is the processing of organic waste through anaerobic methanogenic microorganisms association.

Biooxidation - reduction of harmful organic matter by the association of microorganisms in solid waste, which has a special visual structure for air access and equilibrium.

Biosorption is the sorption of harmful gas or liquid impurities by micro-organisms usually attached to special solids.

Bacterial leaching is the process of converting unsolved metal compounds into a dissolved state under special microorganisms.

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