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“nivism and swords”

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Name of the topic of dissertation The origin, distribution and evolution of the lizard encephalitis virus I.I. Mechnikov Research Institute for Vaccines and Serums; 105064, Moscow, Per. Small Caesan, d. 5A., www. Estimated date of protection: Authorized copycat dissertation: Appeal
Feedback is available on 13 January 2017: Opponent: Lukasev Alexander Nikolayewicz, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor RAN; 03.02.02 - virus; Federal State Budget Institute of Polio Institut and viral encephalitis called M.P. Chumakova, head of the Molecular Biology Laboratory of Opponent: Ignatiev Georgia Mihailović, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, virusology; Federal State unitary enterprise St. Petersburg Institute for Vaccines and Serum Research and Bacteria Production Company, FMBA Russia, Deputy Director for Pilot Analytical Work of Opponent: Platonov Alexander Evgenievic, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor; 14.03.09 Clinical Immunology, Allergology; The Federal Budget Institute of Science of the Central Institute for the Epidemiology of the Roscondsor, the head of the Laboratory of Epidemiology of Natural and Travel Infections. The Dissertation Board decided to award Kovaleu S.U. a Ph.D. degree in the field of biological sciences 03.02.02 - the virology of the dissertation board that was present for the protection of dissertation:

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