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Accelerated Biotechnology Development Examples


Ускоренное развитие


Main Circumstances of the proceedings of the international conference of Svetlov S.V. Leonardo da Vinci and the development of biotechnology

Leonardo da Vinci is a clear example of the opportunity to achieve remarkable achievements in various fields of science, art and many other areas of human activity. It cannot be classified only as a scientist or an artist or an architect or an engineer. Leonardo da Vinci exemplified the possibility of a fruitful combination of different knowledge and skills in one person.

The ancestral heritage of the great people has not become obsolete over the years, decades and centuries, and their work and achievements have also continued to be surprising and admirable. All those who work in science know how difficult it is to go beyond their own, usually very narrow knowledge, to learn new knowledge in other fields of science. However, Leonardo da Vinci has not only been able to achieve much in various fields of science, but has shown himself as an engineer and as an architect, as well as as as a writer and an artist. Most importantly, Leonardo da Vinci ' s creativity should be derived from Leonardo ' s creativity, this is an understanding of the fundamental potential for the high achievements of one person in various professional fields, as well as the need for a systemic, integrated approach in ongoing research and development, which is seriously lacking by modern scientists, engineers, architects and other professionals. This is partly the result of an increasingly early and deeper specialization actively cultivated by modern education. Indeed, the basis for differentiation of knowledge and, consequently, the training of " core specialists " is laid in the education system, which already has a " in-depth classes " at the secondary level. There seems to be nothing wrong with the deeper knowledge of a subject taught at school in general terms. But this, unfortunately, necessarily means that other subjects will be studied in a much weaker way and therefore will not be studied in general terms.

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