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Biotechnology For Agricultural Development Ensures That

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Preparates for agriculture are divided into three groups:

  • entomapatogenic drugs;
  • Bacterial fertilizers;
  • Antibiotics

Entomatogenic drugs

Desert biotech produces 3 groups of entomopatogenic drugs:

  • 1. Bacterials based on Bacillus thuringiensis - entobacterin-3, dendrobaclin, insectine, toxobacterine.
  • 2. Beauveria bassiana mushroom-based mushroom.
  • 3. Preparates based on nuclear polyedra viruses (virin-ENS, Virin-ECS, etc.).

All microbial pathogens are produced in the form of wet powders, pastes, smaller granules, emulsions and crystals. Different solvent additives, additors that contribute to their efficiency are intended to be used directly. Bacterial entomopatogenic drugs were the most widely distributed among industrial microbial pathogens. Their distinctive features are high virulentness with respect to pests, safety for the environment of flora and fauna, adequate exposure to pests, etc. More than 160 insect species are currently manufactured.

Of all entomapatogenic bacteria, Bac.thuringiensis is the most researched. It not only destroys the insect by entering, but also produces a number of toxic products. Of these toxic products, four are:

- α-exotoxin, or phospholipaz C, product of growing bacteria cells. The toxic effects of the enzyme are associated with the indusible disintegration of the irreplaceable phospholipids in insect tissue, which results in the death of the latter.

- β-exotoxin - accumulates in a cultural fluid with cell growth. They believe that the molecule β toxin consists of a nucleotide associated with ribosis and glucose with an alloslysis acid. It may be due to the inhibition of nucleotics and DNA-dependent PNT-polymerase associated with APF, which results in an end to the synthesis of RNCs. Compared with other toxins, it is slower, mainly in the transition from one development cycle to another. According to surveillance, β-exotoxin is mutagenic, which is an adversarial genetic instrument.

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