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Sustainable Development And Biotechnology

Тенденции устойчивого развития

Exhibition activities in 2016


The International Caspian Technology Forum was held in Astrahani from 7 to 8 April 2016 to promote high-technology products to regional and Russian markets, as well as to enhance the prestige of innovation.

As part of the forum, an exhibition of the innovative and technological capabilities of the Astrakhan region was carried out in the exhibition centre of the historic and architectural complex. The exhibition was divided into industry sectors, virtually each of which was also represented by AGTU scientists:

Sector Shipping and ship repairs - Innovative project on " Bible design of the end of the cylinders of the internal combustion engine with diamond polluting " (Sahov B.V.).

Sector Material technology - Innovative project " Processing of magnetic lubricants to increase the resource of the cylindroporus vessel ' s internal combustion diesel engine " (B.B. Channels).

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