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What Are The Prospects For Biotechnology Development

Topic 3.6

3-6-41Genetics is the theoretical basis of the sedition. Selectivity and methods

1. Give definitions.
Selling is a science for new and improved old varieties of plants, animal breeds and microorganism strains with human properties.
Class Plant population, artificially created by a man with a certain genophone, inherited morphological and physiological characteristics, a certain level and nature of productivity.
The species is an animal population artificially created by a man with a certain genophone, inherited morphological and physiological characteristics, a certain level and nature of productivity.
The strain is a population of micro-organisms artificially created by a man with a certain genophone, inherited morphological and physiological characteristics, a certain level and nature of productivity.

2. What are the main tasks of selecting as science?
♪ Increasing the productivity of plant varieties, animal breeds and microorganism strains;
♪ Study of the diversity of plant varieties, animal breeds and microorganism strains;
♪ Analysis of succession patterns in hybridization and mutation;
♪ Study of the role of the environment in the development of signs and properties of organisms;
♪ Development of artificial sampling systems that enhance and sustain human-friendly signs of multiplication organisms;
♪ Creating disease-resilient and climatic varieties and species;
♪ Receiving varieties, species and strains suitable for mechanized industrial production and development.

3. What is the theoretical basis of the settlement?
Theoretical basis of the sedition is genetic. It also uses the evolution theory, molecular biology, biochemistry and other biological sciences.

4. Fill the table.

Selection methods

5. What is the significance of the settlement in human economic activity?
Selectivity increases the productivity of plant varieties, animal breeds and microorganism strains; develop artificial selection systems that contribute to the reinforcement and reinforcement of human-friendly signs of different organisms; create resilient species and climatic conditions; receive varieties, breeds and strains suitable for mechanized industrial production and breeding.

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