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Biotechnology In Food Production

Pharmaceutical biotechnology

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    The direction of the " Fair Biotechnology " involves the development of the pharmaceutical industry not only in our country but throughout the world.

    At present, biotechnology is outstripping traditional medicines technologies, offering innovative opportunities. Biotechnology produces genetic engineering proteins (interferons, interlayers, insulins, vaccines, etc.), enzymes, diagnostic tools (drug test systems, medicines, hormones, etc.), vitamins, antibiotics, biosuitable materials, etc. The share of drugs produced by biotechnology is steadily increasing.

    Biotechnology processes based on biological agents, microorganisms, have long history and are related to the production of bread, cheese, beer, alcoholic beverages and other products.

    The modern stage of food biotechnology is characterized by widespread use in various food industries not only of micro-organisms, but also of fermental drugs, supplements of food and biologically active substances; the development and improvement of biotechnological methods for processing raw materials in food products and fermentation technologies; the application of molecular and genetic engineering; the creation of new technologies for the production of functional food products; the development of biosensor and the expressurization of food products All this shows that food biotechnology is one of the leading areas of development. and biotechnology in the world.

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