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Biotechnology In The Food Industry

Expanding the possibilities of the

Биотехнология в пищевой

The Bian Business Incubator plans to actively develop not only the productive but also the human capacity of Bizka.

In five years of existence, the Bian Business Incubator has achieved the level of world performance and has become one of the best in Russia. But according to his leadership, the time has not come to rest on the laurels, and more complex tasks are ahead.

Outcome of the first five-year period

The business incubator is one of the most important components of the science and technology complex in Bijsk. It is here that small-scale innovative enterprises are being developed, the overall share of which is taken into account in the extension and maintenance of the status of sciencegrade.

In 5 years, 37 companies have passed through the Bian Business Incubator. Today they are engaged in entrepreneurship in biotechnology, chemical production, polymers and composite materials, food and processing equipment, recycling of secondary raw materials.

" In general, 7 to 8 of the 10 companies that have been issued have been successfully adapted in market conditions and are continuing to develop, an average global performance indicator, notes the Director of the Evgeny Paznikov Business Incubator. - Over the past year, the total turnover of companies totalled almost 193 million roubles. Investments, including public support, were 16 million roubles.

In doing so, more than 60 new products have been marketed, including 11 non-alogue models. The products of some enterprises have already been internationally recognized and have a prospect of implementation in the countries of the neighbouring countries. "

We will recall that in 2015 our business incubator was awarded the National Young Lions Award in the ranks of the Best Classical Business Incubator. And today, for a lot of starters, Bitska is not just words, but leadership.

Crisis as a time of opportunity

According to Eugenia Paznikov, one of the main performance indicators is a stable flow of residents. None of the 17 business incubator offices are easy because the newcomers claim to be themselves before they release another one.

The creation of a favourable business environment is certainly a determining factor. This includes strong advice on various fronts and a laboratory complex for innovation.

At the same time, many start-up entrepreneurs are aware of the importance of the moment. It is, however, strangely related to the benefits that can be derived from the economic crisis.

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